Unreal Engine, the engine that changed the landscape of indie games development forever. Its power allows us to create wonderful worlds, real, and imaginary; it presents us a white canvas in which we can portray our wildest dreams through a screen. With it we create experiences like the one in Squad, a first-person shooter; like the one in Fortnite, one of the best battle royal in the market; like the one that is presented in Layers of Fear the future of horror games; or the one we will find in the next release of The Witcher series; or the cat simulator everyone is talking about lately, Stray. 


Unreal Engine is the engine we use in our studio, ScubaLight. With it, we have been able to craft marvelous universes and worlds of epic fantasy. We are able to create wonderful and immersive game experiences, all thanks to the engine’s flexibility and adaptability, its marketplace, and its blueprints. Of course, we also have a very skillful and experienced team of devs and programmers that work their magic, but that is definitely a story for another entry on this blog. 


Let’s dive into a particular example that showcases the importance of this engine; this is the case Nate Purkeypile,, a game developer who left Bethesda, of all places, to develop his own game, an open world called The Axis Unseen. This is what having access to a free tool like Unreal Engine does, it gives us the opportunity to change our lives, our career path, to put our dreams first, no matter how wild or distant they may seem. The world where the r to create a big game were unattainable has been left behind, now everyone has a chance to work with the same tools AAA publishers work with. 


Unreal Engine has changed the world of gaming as we knew it, and its last version, Unreal Engine 5, has turned the industry on its head. Many developers have ported their games to UE from other engines, and we are no different, our latest game is using this new power, having moved from UE 4 to UE 5. 


This technology will allow us to create not only traditional games but also colorful metaverses, places where we will be able to meet online and play and interact with friends, family, and even colleagues. The video game scene is evolving, and we cannot wait to see and experiment how that scene looks like in 5 years from now and the impact Unreal Engine will have in our daily lives.